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Secure Communications Ltd is a Northamptonshire based Secure Telecommunications and Internet Service Provider in the East Midlands, UK. Our primary focus is to provide security to the telephony market in a modernised approach. We are a family run business and being the first modern .io Communications Provider in Northamptonshire we believe that we have taken the right step toward securing a better future in our market.

Our key executives have a vast background in the technology sector inclusive of studying at University in the local community, working in many of the security services in the UK and executive experience in successful IT Managed Service Providers and many others companies.


Security Focused Internet Service Provider


Encrypted Telephony Suppliers


Fastest Deployment Speeds for Leased Lines in the UK by up to 22%


A Company with a focus on securing Telephony


Peace of mind for our customers

Providing Secure Telephony Solutions

We have partnered alongside another local Northamptonshire family-based organisation to overcome the forever-evolving threat that is beginning to infiltrate both the IT and the Telecommunications sector.

The Executives at Secure Communications have seen the need for protection in the telephony market with key weaknesses in the current network architectures, also as the IT industry is becoming increasingly vulnerable, we believe that improvements are required to withstand the cyber threat.

Feel free to give us a call and embark on your journey to Securing your Communications.

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