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Choosing a Hosted Telephony Provider can sometimes be an extremely daunting process as most wouldn’t know where to begin.

  • Do you look for the most cost-effective solution?
  • How would you calculate the most cost-effective solution?
  • Do you look at the average calls per month?
  • The line cost and the phone cost over a set period to see which the cheapest solution.


At Secure Communications we focus on security and reliability. Our solutions were designed under a very technical microscope. We looked at how we can provide all the advanced features, save money through SIP Communications and most importantly allowing our customers to feel secure when there on the phone. No expected bills, no cyber-attacks and most importantly available when you need it:

  • All of our systems are encrypted end-to-end
  • All of our systems have been tested
  • Our Uptime is extremely high
  • Our failover/recovery solution is best-in-class
  • Our Cost is extremely competitive
Pricing & Compatibility Table(click to expand):


Skype for Business

Skype for Business is one of the key backbone tools for the Secure Communications Hosted Telephony platforms and is offered as a fully hosted Unified Communications package.

As there is ever-growing cyber threats in the Telephony market it is essential that you prioritise your Security, with our solutions we can provide Unified Communications package you need that offers a very feature-rich solution offering Instant Messaging, Audio/Visual Conferencing, Office Integration and Whiteboard functionality.


KSHosted Pro

KSHosted is the recommended hosted cloud telephony solution for those not wanting a fully Unified Communications platform but may want some of the features that they do provide.

This system still allows for most of the functionality that the fully integrated Skype solution provides but as optional extras, however this solution also works with the Polycom VVX Media Phones and support the HD Quality Voice too.



KSHosted is the most basic of the 4 packages but is still a very powerful cloud telephony solution. It isn’t so feature rich as the KSHosted Pro/Skype for Business solution but it still provides conferencing capabilities and cost savings.

These phones work with the Yealink phone System which are still a very reliable and appealing phone with touchscreen handsets.


Secure Horizon

Secure Horizon works on top of the Gamma Hosted Solution to provide extended security and reliability inside your network. The Secure Horizon solution comes with some really amazing features including Conferencing and Recording. It can also work alongside a range of different handsets including Cisco, Yealink and even Polycom. The Secure Horizon platform makes use of the HD Sounds Quality available to the Polycom handsets.


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