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S & L Personnel is very proud to be considered one of the most reliable recruitment agencies in Leicester and across the Midlands. Just ask any of their loyal, longstanding clients.

Established in 2006, their unrivalled service is second to none, Due to expert industry knowledge, they have the flexibility to deliver a bespoke recruitment solution.

S & L Personnel continue to grow and further their recruiting expertise.


S&L Personnel is a busy recruitment agency which deals with a lot in inbound and outbound traffic, so having a reliable solution was key. Having multiple sites in the Leicestershire and Midlands area meant that S&L Personnel needed inter-communication between these sites. Having trouble with communication the need for an updated feature-rich solution was necessary. Secure Communications recommended a few solutions which would ultimately improve the service for their clients whilst working with them on a competitive price.


Whilst discussing with Secure Communications, we came to agree on a new Hosted Telephony solution that suits their business model which was dependable, gave access to new features and reduced costs. S&L Personnel also needed improved broadband which Secure Communications suggested to upgrade to our SureFire Broadband service. Whilst improving the broadband we suggested they move to our Skype for Business platform with monitoring features.

Secure Communications provided 5 SureFire Broadband connections & 20 Handsets inter-connected through Skype for Business across 6 sites:

  • Two Sites in Leicester
  • One Site in Rugby
  • One Site in Hinckley
  • One Site in Coalville
  • One Site in Syston


Once the new solutions were in place, S&L Personnel have enjoyed using the new Skype for Business platform which offers a lot of new features for management and staff, the ease of use solution helps improve the service for an extremely busy recruitment agency. Having all of the staff connected through the hosted telephony system gives the staff the resources to stay on top of changes that happen day to day between sites.
Also, with upgraded network speeds, this takes off the workload of a demanding daily system and improve the satisfaction for their customers.

Key Features

  • New Feature-rich Phone System
  • Improved Broadband Reliability and Speed
  • Reduced Overall Cost
  • Easy-to-use Solution

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