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Skype For Business Platform

Secure Communications have chosen the Skype for Business platform to manage most of the behind the scenes connectivity inside a range of different products that we supply. The reason for this is that Skype for Business were one of the first providers to start using Encrypted SIP communication.

Skype for Business currently stands as one of the most advanced telephony solutions available in the Unified Communications market. It leverages the use of the entire Microsoft suite of application to deliver an immersive communications experience.

Skype for Business has the capability to provide A/V Conferencing, Calling, Voicemail, Instant Message, Voice over IP, File Transfers and even Contact Centre Interoperability.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging for quick replies to resolve your issue or request.

Mobile Experience

Mobile Experience to manage calls, Instant Messaging and Conferencing

Advanced Encryption

Advanced Encryption Standards ensuring communication between the servers and clients are highly encrypted.

Security Updates

Microsoft also regularly perform testing outside of the designed behavior to find breaches or vulnerabilities in their software. If any are found patches are released to resolve

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