Why Choose Secure Communications for your Broadband?

If our Surefire Broadband Circuits offering unprecedented reliability, Security Based broadband solutions delivering managed security at the edge of your network and temporary Internet Circuits are not enough. Working in partnership with a company that you can trust to focus on securing your telecoms/connectivity might be.

We know the importance of Cyber Security in the modern era and we have made it our mission at Secure Communications to protect the SME sector in the UK from what we see as a real threat to our sector. Working with us, you will be kept up-to-date with all the latest threats and all of the recent work Secure Communications have developed to counter-act them.

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Why Use Us?


Surefire Circuits


Trusted Supplier


Security Focused Broadband


Secured WAN Connectivity

Cost £75pcm*

Secured Broadband assists in securing your WAN by utilizing many of the best in class filtering techniques alongside security focused circuits.

BotNet Protection: Preventing botnets from controlling your system is achieved by detecting and blocking connection attempts to known botnets. This feature also blocks connections to known phishing site

Web/Application Filtering: We can recognize the network traffic generated by a large number of applications/Websites. We can then create application control sensors that specify the action to take with the traffic of the applications you need to manage and the network on which they are active.


Temporary Internet Provision

Cost £65pcm*

Are you waiting for your Broadband Installation? It can often take over 60 Days for a Leased Line Installation and during that time your environment must continue to function.

We have an excellent temporary internet package that we can deploy very fast. These solutions are both secure and can be deployed as failover circuits once the new lines are installed.


Surefire Broadband

Grade 1: 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime, 2 Hour SLA Response Time, SD-WAN – £400pcm*

Grade 2: High Uptime, 4 Hour SLA Response Time, SD-WAN, Minimum Guaranteed Speed at all times – £150pcm*

Grade 3: High Uptime, 4 Hour SLA Response Time, SD-WAN – £100pcm*

We can provide you with the definitive product for reliable WAN connectivity. It’s called the Surefire Circuit. These Surefire circuits use a range of different Hardware/Software and Internet provision to provide you with multiple grades of highly available broadband.

All three grades provide you with Software Defined Wide Area Network Connectivity, Secured WAN Connectivity and Impressive Service Level Agreements.

We can also offer Converged Broadband which allows you to create two dedicated channels of communication through our service separating both Voice and Data ensuring both have reliable connectivity.


Leased Lines/MPLS Circuits

Dedicated Internet Circuits offering very high levels of reliability and potentially colossal speeds. This can be integrated into our Surefire Broadband solution to provide unprecedented reliability to your key systems.

The Internet Circuit provides speeds from between 1Mbps to 10Gbps with a Guaranteed uptime of 99% and 6 Hour SLA Response times.

Gamma our key partner currently have the fastest deployment speeds for leased lines in the UK by up to 22%.


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If you are wondering on how you can secure your telecommunications or if you are interested in improving your WAN performance then please feel free to contact us and one of the friendly Secure Communications team members will be happy to help you with your request!

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